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by South Carolina Registered Agent LLC

South Carolina Registered Agent Service

$49 Per Year: No Hidden Fees, No Hassles

When you start a business in South Carolina, you must appoint a South Carolina registered agent. A South Carolina registered agent accepts service of process, legal correspondence, and official state notifications on behalf of your LLC or corporation.

If your company is sued, a notice (called a service of process) is sent by the court to your registered agent in South Carolina. This is considered legal notification, and the lawsuit can proceed against your business whether you respond or not. This is why it is important to hire a reliable SC registered agent, one that will always get your important documents and notices to you in a timely manner.

We are the most highly trusted South Carolina registered agent service in the industry. Our local registered office is located in Charleston, and our filing team is made up of corporate attorneys, former Secretary of State filers, and professional CPAs.

Our SC Registered Agent Service:

What do you get with our South Carolina registered agent service? You get the most reliable registered agent service in South Carolina. You get a dedicated team that is committed to quality customer service. You get real people who answer the phone right here in South Carolina, ready to help you with any business filing question you might have (seriously, give us a call).

SC Registered Agent Service Includes:

  • Our Guaranteed Low Price: $49 Per Year (Same Price Next Year)
  • All State Law Requirements Met (You Can’t Form a SC Business Without an Agent)
  • Same-Day Document Delivery: All Your Documents Are Uploaded Right Here in SC
  • Secure Online Account: Manage All Your Business Filings & Compliance in One Place
  • Instant Online Presence: We Help You Launch Your Online SC Business Presence Today
  • Year Round Support From Real Experts: Call or Email Anytime

How We Make Your Life Better

  1. You Don’t Have to Worry About Compliance

    When you hire us as your registered agent in South Carolina, we guarantee that all service of process and official notifications will be uploaded into your digital account the same day. You never have to worry about missing an important notice or not being informed about a compliance deadline. We will also keep you updated about your Annual Report filing, another important requirement for maintaining good standing with the state.

  2. Say Goodbye to Junk Mail & Solicitors

    If you’ve never started a business before, it’s hard to imagine just how much junk mail you receive and how many telemarketers start calling up your phone. It’s a flood, and it never really stops. How do all these solicitors get your information? From the public record, of course! But if you hire us to form your business, we can list our own registered office on your formation documents and limit your exposure in the public record. That way the junk mail and calls come to us instead. We put it all right where it belongs: in the trash.

  3. No Wasted Money on Additional State Filings

    Most businesses change addresses more than once during the life of their business. Changes like this require all new filings with the Secretary of State to maintain an accurate record. But by hiring South Carolina Registered Agent LLC, you never have to update your address. We can use our address in place of yours, and you don’t end up paying new filing fees every time you change locations.

  4. Reputation Protection

    No one wants to be served a lawsuit, but sooner or later it happens to every business. What’s nearly as bad is getting served in front of your customers. Many entrepreneurs list themselves as their own registered agent, not realizing that service of process will be delivered to their business. By hiring us as your registered agent in South Carolina, all these legal notices come to our office instead of yours, and you never have to worry about the embarrassment of being served in front of your clientele.

  5. Build Your South Carolina Business Presence

    Start your business off right with all the essential tools for crafting your online presence as a South Carolina business. When you hire us, we include your own web domain name, an email address attached to your domain name, an open source website (your data never gets sold), and a South Carolina phone number that can easily be connected to your device. When you hire us, you get everything to get your company on the web ASAP!

South Carolina Registered Agent Requirements

Every registered agent in South Carolina is required to do the following:

  • Maintain a registered office within the state (a physical address, not a PO box)
  • Keep regular business hours
  • Accept service of process and notifications on behalf of clients
  • Forward documents to clients in a timely manner

Our registered office is in Charleston. We accept your important business documents there during regular business hours and upload those documents into your client account the same day they arrive. You are contacted immediately so that you can access your documents as soon as you want.

What is a Registered Office?

A registered office is a physical location where your South Carolina registered agent is located. This is the office at which service of process, important state notifications and other business mail is delivered.

A registered office cannot be a PO box. It must be open during regular business hours and able to receive hand-deliveries.

Who Can Be a SC Registered Agent?

When you are looking for a SC registered agent, you have a few different options:

  • You can appoint a resident of South Carolina (such as yourself, a friend or family member, or business partner)
  • You can designate a commercial registered agent (like us)
  • You can hire a non-commercial agent (a law firm, CPA, etc.)

Non-commercial agents do not specialize in registered agent service, which is one of the reasons we suggest that you don’t hire them. These companies rarely view registered agent service as an important part of their bottom line, and thus the service you receive is generally pretty shoddy.

There is nothing wrong with appointing yourself or another individual as your South Carolina registered agent. It is important to remember, though, that you will be listing your name and address in the public record. Furthermore, you must keep regular business hours at your registered office throughout the year (banker’s schedule).

What Are the Ongoing Costs?

We charge $49 per year for South Carolina registered agent service. That’s it.

Our prices don’t go up next year, or the year after that. We don’t have any hidden fees. We don’t charge you “per item” of mail we receive, and there’s no limit on the amount of mail we will receive on your behalf.

Our pricing is simple because we don’t believe in complex fee systems. We think pricing should be upfront and transparent. That’s why we list all of our costs and break them down so that you can see what our fees are and which fees are charged by the state. It’s nothing special. It’s just good business.

How Do I Change South Carolina Registered Agents?

You can change your SC registered agent at any time by filing a Change of Agent form with the Division of Business Registrations of the Secretary of State. There is a $10 filing fee. The Change of Agent form is generally processed within two days.