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6650 Rivers Ave, Suite 100, Charleston, SC 29406 | (843) 414-9661
by South Carolina Registered Agent LLC

Our Pitch

Our Business Model

Our business model is simple: great service at an affordable price.

How do we achieve this?

By hiring knowledgeable team members that are committed to quality service every time they interact with a customer. By picking up the phone whenever it rings. By being friendly, helpful and polite. By saying please and thank you. By responding to emails in a timely manner. By living up to our guarantee: no hassles and no worries.

And by not charging you an arm and a leg. By not being shady and hitting you with a bunch of hidden fees. By not suckering you in the door with one price only to jack that price up next year. By being open and honest and transparent about what we charge and where the money goes.

Sign up and See the Difference

When you sign up for any of our services, you will immediately be logged into your personal client account. We designed this client portal ourselves. Not because we’re tech geniuses (although our tech team is pretty stellar), but because we needed a system that could handle every business filing in South Carolina, and that system just didn’t exist. So we built it ourselves.

In your online account, you can manage all of the documents that we upload: service of process, Annual Report notifications, state compliance documents, legal correspondence, important business mail. These documents are stored there indefinitely, and you can access them anytime, anywhere.

You can also order business filings from your account. Every South Carolina business filing document is populated in your account with your business information already filled-in. You can print these documents and file them yourself (we have in-depth filing instructions with each document), or you can hire us to file them for you.

More Than Just a Registered Agent

In spite of our name, we offer far more than just South Carolina registered agent service. In fact, we offer a full array of SC business services: