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Business Filing Tips in South Carolina

S Carolina business filing tips

The South Carolina Secretary of State requires all signatures to be original. You’ll notice many of the forms have an area where the SC registered agent would sign the document to accept the consent to appointment as your SC registered agent. These fields do not have to be signed.  You can just leave them blank and the state will accept them. Along with our South Carolina business filing tips, you’ll see that the forms in your account have our SC registered agent and registered office information listed on the appropriate areas of the forms. We just don’t sign them so you don’t have to wait to get an original from us.

If you are changing SC registered agents to us, you DO need our signature. You’ll indicate if you’re changing agents during our order form. If so, we will mail out an originally signed consent form the same day you hire us.

With foreign LLCs there has to be a local designated office located in South Carolina. If you have a SC address, you can list yours there, but if not, you can list our address in that section to comply with South Carolina regulations.

The SC SOS does not have annual reports for any business entities. So you simply have to register your company and pay your taxes.

If you’re creating a South Carolina corporation, you’ll notice that a SC attorney has to sign the documents giving approval. All our South Carolina registered agent clients can have access to our SC attorney. We only have our attorney sign the corporation documents if we are doing the incorporation for you.

If you need to form a South Carolina corporation or LLC, we easily and economically can get your South Carolina business filings done. Simply sign up for registered agent service to set up your account, and then add our South Carolina business filing service inside your online account.